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Is e-learning the answer?

What is the primary reason for learning and development within an organisation? It’s to help develop the skills of all employees, which in turn, improves the effectiveness of a business. In fact, 42% of corporations have seen an increase in income by investing in learning and development (L&D). This isn’t only due to employees being better informed, but also because it improves morale and engagement, which in turn limits absenteeism and churn. In a recent study, an impressive 94% of employees said they would be more likely to stay in a corporation that invests in them and their colleagues.

The pandemic and shift to working from work from home have accelerated an already present boom in e-learning courses. This is shown by significant growth of investment into this convenient and accessible method of training – estimated at $200b in 2020 with a projected 15% Compound Annual Growth Rate over the next few years. So there’s no doubt that e-learning is here to stay. But despite its success, it is not without its problems…

What problems do Human Resources face with e-learning?

In over 50% of businesses, the role of setting up engaging L&D that's provided by trusted providers falls to Human Resources. And of course, the company wants to see that it delivers a good return on investment (ROI). This is no easy plight and there are many problems that can crop up along the way.

The most common problem with remote or e-learning is the high levels of employees who fail to complete it. This is hugely frustrating when the task of navigating the vast number of courses, their relevance and high costs is so time-consuming.

But what are the reasons for employees failing to complete a course? These are the main ones:

● method of delivery – “death by PowerPoint”

● isolated learning – no interaction with the course owners or peers

● irrelevant content – some of the modules don’t apply

● absolute relevance to the issue you might be wishing to get training on

How can This Works Training and Coaching help?

Founders of This Works Training & Coaching, Ian Baker and Pippa Blessett, have over 40 years’ experience and truly believe online learning could be something great. But they are sick and tired of seeing clients being disappointed by expensive tick-box training and employees feeling as though it just wasn’t for them. So they created something new that blends the flexibility of selecting relevant modules with high-quality materials and training that puts the needs of the corporation and the employee first.

Pippa explains more:

“This Works Training & Coaching brings together industry experts to provide impactful and engaging training modules designed to solve your business challenges. You select and pay for only the content you need – think of it as building your own syllabus. Once the course is completed, every delegate receives a 1:1 coaching session with an expert of their choice, so they can tackle specific areas that need extra focus and insight.”

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, this offers a person-centred online learning solution that:

● tackles each person’s individual business needs

● changes behaviour through action

● provides 1:1 expert advice

● can help reduce the costs to the business

● is simple to book what you need

Ian Baker goes on to explain:

“The goal of This Works Training & Coaching is to provide the latest and best-curated training from industry experts, that can be digested at the time and pace the employee chooses, with clear checks and balances at the end for business owners.

We’d love to help take the stress out of the L&D part of your Human Resources role. So if you would like to know more about This Works Training & Coaching, get in touch today and we’ll be very happy to help."

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